The Art Mallorca Team

A dedicated team of art professionals with over 50 years of combined experience in the arts industry will be by your side to advise and assist with shipping arrangements, booth installation, marketing and PR.

Matthias Rüthmüller
Founding Director, Basel, Switzerland

Matthias, current director of the Basel Art Center and founder of Art Mallorca, works since 2004 for Art Moscow, Moscow World Fine Art Fair and was the responsible manager for 10 editions of the “selection artfair” in Basel and Moscow. He consult major companies, art institutions and foundations in art management and curates more than 300 art shows.

Sixtine Crutchfield
General Manager Advisory – SCT Fine Art, Geneve, Switzerland

Sixtine has worked in the industry all her life. She is an Art Historian with broad experience and has successfully managed the MWFAF, SWFAF (Moscow/Salzburg), ArtbyGeneve and Art and Jewels in Baku, Azerbaijan.  She was responsible for the Picasso exhibition at the Caixa in Barcelona and in Madrid in the 80s and the Torres Garcia exhibition in the Picasso Museum in Barcelona in 2003. She also participated in major events like ArtBasel, ARCO, FIAC and TEFAF.

Carmen Mercedes Korzeniowski
General Manager - Business & VIP Relations 
Mercedes has 25 years of experience in Marketing, Communication and Project development for national and international companies in diverse sectors. She has worked several years in the development of a company and in the fair business such as director of one of Europe's biggest privately owned art center. Mercedes takes care of the business and VIP relations of the art fair.

Art Mallorca Key Partners

Exhibitors Avenue, an innovative company based in Amsterdam is ArtMallorca´s full service partner for all the Technical Aspects. With a global network and well-experienced team in the field of exhibitor services and event project management, provides innovative and cost-effective high quality solutions to organisers and exhibitors in a personal and professional manner.


Diederik Haitink
Managing Director, Exhibitors Avenue

Your business friend: Personal – Positive – Fun

Guiding link between customers and operations

Jantien van der Leest
Project Manager, Exhibitors Avenue

A real sportive go-getter; energetic and experienced

Determined to keep your pace until your goals are realized

Danielle van der Elst
Event Coordinator

Smooth operations of your event: Tenacious – Organized - Sarcastic

You give me A. I will arrange B - Z!

Marlies Welsink
Event Coordinator

Your honest, happy and helping hand during the preparation of your event!

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